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Janelle Breanna Johnson

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Because how would anyone respect my gangster if I, Janelle Breanna Johnson did not have my own blog?

Furthermore, dominate the search results and dictate what this talented actress, photographer, graphic designer and blogger decides?

So that is precisely why this page exists since I cannot murder Google at the present moment I must bend it. You must think I sound harsh because that’s a most atrocious thing for such a petite diva to say right?

I got some most splendid news for you dear reader because I could GAF what it is you think about this is my dominion! Due to my impatience, I’m not one to repeat myself so take a good look at me and listen closely to my words:

Janelle Breanna Johnson
This is a self-taken photo of myselfJanelle Breanna Johnson, in my bedroom. The camera used for this image was my iPhone X. Tucson, Arizona 09-18-2017 8:28 am MST.

I am Mind Myriad, the Messiah! The son of sons and the king of kings! Bow to my will! Because thy digital messiah has spoken!

So with the proper introductions concluded.

Because of those wicked and spawned of ill will know this. Anyone so foolish to attempt to harm anything and everything amidst my kingdom and those that bear my riot shield will Die! (So you already knew that everyone dies but it will be painful goddamnit! Not slow because I get bored easily so I’ll make short work of it)

Outside of that hit ya girl up, because I’m a freelance Entrepreneur, got bills to pay son! 😇